China signs Standardization Cooperation Agreement with Spain

  SAC Chief Administrator Tian Shihong visited the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) with his delegation on September 5 and met with Mrs. Bego?a Cristeto Blasco, General Secretary of Industry and SME, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain, and Mr. Avelino Brito, General Director and Chief Executive Officer of AENOR.

    The two sides conducted in-depth and friendly discussions on Sino-Spain cooperation in the standardization area and promoting better support of standardization for bilateral economic and trade development. The two sides also reached consensus on important issues of mutual interest, such as deepening standardization cooperation, jointly conducting research on developing international standards and adopting the standards of each other. After the meeting, the two sides signed the cooperation agreement between SAC and AENOR and the cooperation agreement on sales of standards.

    Tian Shihong’s visit to AENOR is the first high level meeting between national standardization bodies of two countries. The cooperation agreement covers a number of cooperation areas, such as mutual support in international standardization activities, jointly developing international standards, giving priority to adopting national standards of each other in important trade areas, strengthening communication on standards and standardization, jointly conducting personnel training of standardization, and translation, publishing and sales of the two countries’ standards. The agreements are of strategic importance in pushing practical cooperation in standardization area, accelerating harmonization of standards, simplifying trade procedures, reducing trade cost, eliminating trade tariffs and promoting market interchange of two countries.